Hi there,

One of the questions I get asked a lot is: can AI help me to fundraise?

In my last newsletter, I wrote about how AI is helping nonprofits to create and distribute content to their supporters. This helps to drive people to your website and gives you more opportunities to ask for donations.

But engagement needs to be two-way. If you reach out to a donor and the donor wants to reach back to you, you'd better be there, or the donor and their money will go about their way. But you're a busy person in a busy organization. So what to do?

Chatbots are increasingly helping to fill the staff gap. I use Intercom for my business and for the non-profit that I run. Using information that I enter into the platform, the Chatbot automatically presents suggested answers to the questions that my donors ask. If my donor isn’t getting what they need, it pops up a message on my phone (or is redirected to a relevant staff member) so that I can help them out, in real time and without delay.

At GivingTech we also use chatbots to help donors to complete their donations. Sometimes it happens that donors enter the wrong credit card number, or just can’t make their donation go through. So we programmed a chatbot to instantly pop-up when a donor's donation fails. The chatbot then tells the donor what went wrong, and how to fix it. If the donor wants, they can instantly receive (human) help by engaging the chatbot.

GivingTech's Rescue my Donation AI system will then track to see whether the donor completes their donation successfully within an hour. If not, we'll automatically send them an email in your name, encouraging them to reach out for help. In case they don’t, their information is easily accessible to you.

Last year, for just one organization, this AI feature helped 435 donors to complete their donations, bringing in an additional $41,300. Thank you, little robot.

All the best,

Jonathan Ben-Dor
CEO, Giving Technologies